Danzig was formed in 1987, when Rick Rubin, with his idea of forming the best heavy metal band of the world, signed with the band at that time named Samhain, then they changed the name to Danzig, and got new drummer, Chuck Biscuits, the other three original members were Glenn Danzig, Eerie Von, and the recently Samhain joined John Christ.
In 1994, After 6 years, and 4 Lps, since the band was formed, Chuck Biscuits left the band before the Danzig 4p tour, and joined "Four Horsemen", and later "Social Distorcion", where he still plays. He was replaced by Joey Castillo.
Some time later, Glenn Danzig split the band and formed it again with Joey Castillo, Josh Lazie,and Joseph Bishara to record Danzig 5-Blackacidevil. Three years later, the same line-up except Joseph Bishara recorded Danzig 6:66 Satan's Child. Now the actual line-up, Glenn Danzig, Joey Castillo, Howie Pyro, and Todd Youth is working on Danzig 7.